Monday, April 8, 2013

Doctor fun !

I haven't written in a while and I really should but sometimes it all gets so frustrating and I really hate to be a whiner ! I had my eye appointment two months ago and my MRI and Neuro visit. the stuck the eye appointment in at the last minute so it made everything else late. The eye doctor pointed out how the surgery had made my right eye worse and and when I got to the neuro doc. He was so shocked that my eyes got worse, his mouth fell open. the other doctor walked in, he other doc. showed him the eye record, they were both visibly upset by the report. I asked a question, they said they would find out, ran out the door holding my eye report and never came back. So most questions went un-asked. They did say I needed 6 weeks of radiation to kill the rest of the tumor. they said surgery would make it worse and my left eye- the good one would end up as bad as the right eye. So I guess the doctors agree to disagree. We also saw the radiologist next month and he was very nice and helpful. said we could probably do the radiation when we wanted to depending on what todays appointment said. so today.. A interesting eye appointment today with the neuro eye doc. We were there to see one yet his understudy came in first. He was a real charmer ! NOT!! he smacked me with his prisms, the thing that covers one eye and then the table in the knee. He kept playing with the prisms two of them together and I tried to ask him twice what he was doing but he told me to be quiet so he could do the exam. when he got to the eye test he did the letters in the box that are projected on the wall. He got to some small ones which I said I could not see, he said guess. I asked how does one guess when the box is empty but he insisted so I said it says 1,2,3,4,5 He did the color test and if I didn't get i right he keeps pointing at it trying to get me to change my answer. He asked me if I had any troubles, I said yes, double vision, and I some times walk into things. He says well, no reason for that, your vision is fine. 20/40 so I guess I'm a liar. I was so pissed and so was my bf. the regular doc came in and answered our questions at the end but by then we were both ready to leave. I was very nauseous and tired of the guy. My bf told the receptionist that they needed to teach him some manners and how to treat the patients better. what a tiring day ! The regular eye doc again said that radiation wasn't a great thing to do because it can cause vision loss and he wasn't sure if I should do it or not. It again made me question what I'm doing. Where does this ride get off ? I'd like to quit riding the merry go round ! ~Lisa