Thursday, January 3, 2013

The funny side of it all.

Yes, that title is correct, there has to be a funny side to it all or you find your self just crying all day long if you don't try and find some smiles now and then. I head in to the store with my family and I saw a woman look at me, gasp out loud as she clamped her hand over her mouth and she said Oh My god as she looked at my scar. It is huge and very noticeable. I laugh :-) I was worried this week that my hair wasn't growing back in since where they shaved it the second time on Thanksgiving, its only about a eighth of a inch long. I said something about it at the family gathering and my son pipes up well it is growing back mom, that gray streak you have right in the middle is about a inch long and spiked strait up. Thanks Joey lol I also misplaced something at the party then we found it and he announces that my memory isn't all that great since they played around in my head. Thanks Hun, what would I do without you to remind me. A while back I was bemoaning my misshaped skull and the doctor said it looked fine, then she was called out of the room. She came back in a couple minutes later and said Oh wow, your right, it is flat there. I can see it in this light better. I said thanks so much ! Today I went out with a friend for lunch. As we waited for the lunch, the lady behind the counter went to hand me my lemon aid. Wow, no depth perception and double vision make it hard to reach out to the same place she was. I looked like I was waving my hand trying to connect with hers. It does get me down now and then because I still can't see well enough to drive, I walk into walls and door frames, look drunk at times but I then remind myself... I'm alive, pain is going away and I can still do most things I enjoy. Life is good, you just have to look for it some times in a smile :-)
 I thought this smile was fitting since that's kinda how I look with my one bad eye that isn't working right.