Sunday, July 7, 2013

Radiation fun !

Radiation fun ! Well, the radiation was stopped 2 weeks ago due to too many side effects and all. First the brain began to swell which caused trouble like head pain and then face numbness. Then the problem with swallowing started and now I'm on a diet by Bob (the tumor) that included lots of soup and grits and anything else that doesn't get stuck. Last week we had the day for the test that tells what's going on and why it isn't working. Can I say I'm not that into doctors ? I feel like I'm going to go and they will say hey, everything's fine and it's all in your head lol yeah I know, that's where Bob lives anyway.. They rushed us off last week for a MRI, turns out they thought I had a stroke. Thank goodness I didn't and that they didn't tell me before we left for Boston that night. So we had a swallow test to see why things aren't working and then discuss if radiation needs to be restarted again or not. Once radiation is done, it can never be done again, so I'm told, so if it's stopped for good, were back to ground zero on letting this thing grow again. Oh and last week, I lost my taste so no matter how much sugar there is in the coffee, it's like drinking water. Very weird ! I'm becoming the soups chef. I've got a small crock pot that every morning I fill with what ever is in the veggie drawer and then cook all day for lunch and dinner. I do love soup so it's been fun but now that I can't taste, it will be odd to be trying so hard to make it good since it won't matter. It weird when everything tastes like old uncooked pie crust. Of course the swallow tests were inconclusive and then swallowing started working again the next day, thanks to the steroids and swapped out for numb feet. Its weird walking on feet that tingle all day long but that is something I can deal with easily. Monday we visit the ENT and they, with the doctor, will make the final decision on if we re-start the radiation or not. We both vote to start it again but we shall see.I think we will find out Wednesday on the final verdict and hopefully if they start again it won't be stopped right away if things start to go down hill again. I still feel quite sparkly from the steroids which make me want to get every chore known to man done around here. They are slowly getting done and the rest planned out on paper lol Once the tired goes away, then we will do something more but the couch calls my name alot these days which I hate because a couch layer, I am not ! So I lay there and make plans for new ceiling Trompe-l'œil designs, bathroom is planned on both floors in new ways, and more lol. Its going to be a busy year with all these ideas in my head. Now I just need to start making jewelry designs because making them at the bench isn't too hard. This woman pulls off sparkling much better than I. I hear my face is swollen and I know that I look redder in the face as well. Oh joy ! But hey, if that's all, I'll take it. Anyway, that's the fun of it all these last couple of weeks.