Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More about Radiation

The weirdest thing about them radiating your brain is not only the mask of torture that- after it's made to FIT your face, it shrinks so when you come back it's like being trapped under a elephant while being still able to breath. Though, even breathing does feel hard to do and you can feel your heart beat in your neck since it's all so tight while being hooked to the table. When they turn on the radiation, a blue light -in a line- crosses your face and you can taste it. It smelled to me like someone over cooked some meat in the microwave and it tastes like metal. I thought I was just imagining that but the nurse said most people say they can taste it. Very weird !!! I had a slight headache when I was done but that was probably from the elephant. I need to go tell him to sit somewhere else !

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