Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 32 Oops, off to Boston

Well we've passed one month since surgery, and Lisa is doing very well, even with dealing with frustration now and then. Any noticeable changes in her recovery path are now either so incremental, that they are below either of our conscious recognition levels, or are further apart than those of the first month. In other words, at this point she seems to have plateaued, and she doesn't like it, but she seldom complains, and in fact has to be encouraged not to push it.  There is no doubt about when she has because of how thoroughly it wipes her out afterwards. I'm trying to get her to write more here, and I hope that will help.

We had a bit of a scare two nights ago when  a scab on her incision line came loose, and exposed a small shallow, oval, hole about 1/8" long, and 3/32' deep, or as long as the tip of a pen when the button is fully depressed, and as deep as the point when it is ready to use. I called the local ER and they said we needed to talk to someone where the operation was done to see what they recommended. This marks our first disappointment with Brigham's, despite two calls to their switchboard, and two pages to the NS resident on call, we never got a call back. So after watching the site for over 2 1/2 hours, we decided it was not an emergency, and yesterday it looked fine. We'll be calling Brigham's today though to be sure, and probably going to see her primary care provider to be positive there is no chance of infection. We should have done this yesterday, however, I was pretty severely distracted by ridiculous levels of pain in my back all day. I feel pretty bad I allowed that to happen, but then, I hadn't anticipated such an event could occur.

Just looked it over again and we're waiting for a call back from Brigham's, it seems to me that clear serum(plasma?) is pushing the scab off, as if not happy with that part of the wound still being denied air. It does not look like pus, nor is the area puffy, red, or warm. We'll just have to see what the hospital says.

I am so glad that the rest of life's possible complications took a break until we had been home for over a week, and now with this wake-up call, I know to be sure to be paying better attention.  There is nothing easy about being sure to do this right...

Well just got off the phone with Brigham's so now we're off to Boston, yippee, well I'm actually glad because I would been worried otherwise.



  1. I have tried posting on facebook three times and it won't take any of my posts so here we go again. I remember way back when you and Lis decided to get together and all the hurdles and mountains that rose up in your way that could have kept you apart but they didn't. When one of you was having a problem, the other stayed the path and kept the faith and finally it happened. It was meanth to be and the road was hard, scary and hard fought. The road you now go down must be hard scary and hard fought as well. Please don't blame yourself for not catching Lis' infection, how could you see under the incision to see what was going on? Don't blame yourself, she would not want that. The say that love is the best medicine and I believe that and love you have. Plus you have a great medical team which doesn't hurt. With you and Lis standing together I don't see a hurdle you can't go over or a wall you can't climb. This is a setback but you can overcome it as you have everything else since you decided you wanted to be together and there has been some pretty high mountains in your path over the years since day one but you made it as you will make it now. Do what you do best, stay strong and stand together. Your lady is very strong and a fighter and you are very strong and great support and a wonderful caretaker. You will look back at this as just another hurdle that came your way that together you overcame that made your love and relationship stronger. You are two amazing human beings on your own but at a team, I believe you are unbeatable. I remember those early days when even I wondered if you would even get together and you did it, you can beat this. You have a great medical team and love for each other, you are one. My prayers and love come to you as I pray for Lis' wellness and both your strength and inner peace as you go through another hurdle. I love you both so much and believe that what meanth to be will not be messed up by an infection or other obstacle thrown in the path to tear apart or destroy the most solid and beautiful love story I have ever had the blessing of seeing the birth and continued of. With all my love, Crissy. Be strong my frind and it's ok to be afraid, it's human and normal. She is a strong woman, srtonger than most and she's a fighter. Her love for you will not let her do anything but fight for what she wants. Peace, love and strength.

  2. Couldn't have said it any better myself.You are BOTH amazing people and belong together! Hi Crissy!