Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 33 Back in the Hospital

weird this should have posted 8 hours ago

Wow, I never even got a chance post what a nightmare the last 12 hours has been, ever since talking to Lisa before leaving home to come down here, and her telling me they thought the infection was under the bone, through the parade of doctors in and out of her room all with a different take on the situation, waiting for an open OR for them to use, into the afternoon, that horrific moment when they actually wheel her away, to just getting settled in the waiting area, and them coming over to tell me the OR had called and they had begun closing, to the surgeon telling my slack jaw amazed face that they found nothing. All the pus that was in there must have come out when the nurse first saw it in the clinic. They swabbed that area, and sent it to the labs to see what type of antibiotic to give her, but apparently every thing is good. Man, if this holds, my lady is better at dodging bullets than Keanu Reeves.



  1. Thanks so much for the update. So sorry Lisa had to go through this but thank goodness it was nothing bad.

  2. so lucky!!! Thank you for your updates!!!