Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 34 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Man, what a Fall, I don't think either of us has ever faced a more challenging time leading up to the holidays, and as I sit here on this day marked out by tradition, to keep us mindful of the privilege of, and the apropos  gratitude for our lives, and the things in them, by far and away, I must first say, that my Lady, and that she loves me, tops the list, overwhelming my mind and heart in unwordable wonder.

Okay, so after that, which sort of overrode what I had been about to say, (amazing how the mind works), as while the above is as true as truth gets, it was not what I was thinking of in relation to this blog. I had been thinking of how grateful I am for Dr. Al-Mefty and his team, Brigham's and Women's Hospital, and all the people involved in Lisa's treatment thus far.

Great news! Lisa is being released today, she looks great, even though  her incision line is more pronounced at this point, she does somehow look healthier, and she is reporting less pain in the area below her incision, pheeuu, that was close.
(Sorry this post is late an yet another unanticipated variable has entered the picture, only this one is a supposedly sentient being)


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  1. The mind boggles just imagining what you two have been through! Grateful that they jumped when they did, and found...nothing! Wishing you both rest and healing.