Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 36 The Wound Whisperer?

Well at least that's what I feel like I need to be now, none of the signs that they tell you to watch for were evident on Lisa's first incision line, no drainage to speak of, nor redness, or puffiness, and no fever. One expects to see some minor bleeding if a scab gets knocked off by a towel.  The only thing I can figure now, is that, maybe, there should not have been any unhealed part of the incision after 30 days but, no one said to look for that.

So now we have a whole new type of incision to practice infection divination on, but damn it, I don't believe in divination, and have had a whole ONE experience to base my current skill level on.  It just seems ludicrous to me that such a critical observational task is left in the hands of complete rookies, and without a detailed, and exhaustive, list of every possible indicator that nasty little, malicious microbes have set up housekeeping.

 So now we watch again, this one is pretty much on the caregiver though, the patient can't really see their own head very well. So far it is a daily exercise in second, and third, and fourth.... guessing though, and it just seems to me it shouldn't be that way. There needs to be more definitive information available.

Lisa is still holding up remarkably well, the slowness of recovery is becoming an increasing frustration for her, but we talk about it, and hopefully we can find strategies for ameliorating it. She has actually been out to the workroom making some of the jewelry she made before the surgery. That is one hell of a feat considering she has no binocular depth perception. I just hope she doesn't barbeque a fingertip while soldering, perhaps it is a good thing she is still using small torches. She is still coming to terms with the constant fatigue, and this too is challenging to find successful coping strategies for, but she is an amazing lady. I can see the frustration, and hear it, in her sometimes, but she never externalizes it as unreasonableness with either Joey or I.  I'm a lucky guy.


(hopefully I'll catch up on these posts soon, if I'm not mistaken this is actually day 42 since the initial surgery.)

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