Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 3 Phheeewwww

What a day! Lis is resting comfortably here at the Comfort Inn. The last few hours at the hospital were pretty hectic. The pharmacy balked at filling some pretty critical medications and it took and hour and half and a number of trips back and forth to the pharmacy which I swear kept moving farther away. But we're finally here, and I've got to set up Lis' med schedule,  so this is short. I also need to figure out how to wake myself up, without waking her up, so I can check on her through the night, that's going to be a bit tricky.
What is absolutely wonderful, is my Lady love is here by my side, she is on a strong road to recovery, and there is only one direction to go from here...



  1. Y'all have a great night - get some rest. Glad you got her back Kevin.

  2. Great job Kevin. You might sleep lightly being a little nervous. You will probably be OK. I have faith in you. Yay Lisa and Kevin!