Thursday, October 25, 2012


Just got back from the hospital, and we are cleared to depart the fix on the outbound leg. We are going home!! Doctor is going to call us about when he wants to see her again. The one bit of sobering news, pretty upsetting to Lis in the moment, was the possibility of more surgery in 3-6 months but, that is unknown and not to be determined for 3-6 months.
We are coming home a bit early and they emphasized absolutely no strain, and to be sure to eat a very high protein diet, Lis must take great care as the wound is still fragile.
So farewell Boston, hospital and hotel rooms, we are outa here. Next post from NH.



  1. What great news!!! Hope you had a great trip home and are settling in OK. Just talked to Greg and he sends his love. He is upset that his computer had to go into the shop.
    I'm sure that you had an enthusiastic welcome home.
    Take care and keep recovering.


  2. More wonderful news! Have a safe trip home and I'm sure when you get there you'll be much more relaxed to be in your own bed and home. I know Kev will continue to take good care of you and hopefully himself. You have both been so strong during this challenging ordeal, hopefully soon you will be able to relax and look back at how well you did with this extremely challenging time in your life and feel good about how you have handled it. You are both amazing. Take good care as you have been. I love you both. Cris

  3. So happy that you are going home today.That's great!You both will feel better once you are home!One day at a time Lisa! You have done great I am very proud of you.Stay strong my friend.