Friday, October 19, 2012

On Course, No Anomalies

Update from OR as of 1700 hours (5:00pm), everything is proceeding well, Lisa's vitals, blood chemistry, and all other physiological variables being tracked, continue to be as strong as initial readings. Resection of the tumor continues, and will continue until they get as much as they can get, or some anomalous readings of her physiology  causes them to retreat. This would be unlikely given her resilience thus far. The nurse said it would be, at an absolute minimum another 4-5 hours. She has been under full sedation now, 1800 hours, for 9 hours.
Take some cleansing breaths folks and try to relax, the way things are going right now, the longer they are in there the better it is. I really don't anticipate her being out till after 2200 hours.
By the way, if you don't like the 24 hour clock time......too bad,  ;) it makes the arithmetic easier for me, and perhaps it gives you a wee bit of distraction.
Really folks, remember, right now longer is better.
Sorry for the delay in an update, I'm supposed to be trying to get some sleep during this time. I'm sure as hell not having her laying awake in recovery without me there.


ETA Sorry folks, I just reread this trying for an objective POV and realized, if you were not me, or didn't know be pretty damn well, this may have come off pretty snippy. The crack about the clock was actually supposed to be funny, and the remark about the sleep was meant to be ironic, as in, "Yea right, sleep. Yea I'll get right on that." BTW have any elephant tranquilizer??


  1. I know, we're demanding! I hope you can get some sleep. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

  2. 24 hour clock is the norm in my house. You worry about you and Lisa, not us. ::hugs::

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  4. No Laurie, I'm so sorry if I sounded irritated, I was not at all, truly. I am more than happy to keep the family updated, I know what kind of worry this is, so no worries.

  5. Sounds like so far so good. Hope you can get some sleep. Lisa being under that long, seems like she is going to definitely feel like crap for awhile just from that. Stay strong Kevin.

  6. You didn't sound snippy at all, you sounded like a man who is doing his best in this situation. Hang in there, all is well!
    I am glad you are sharing this information with us, and that the more time the better. Love you

  7. Kev,

    Thanks for keeping us posted. It is great to hear some good news.


  8. Well, that's twice my comment got eaten. As another comment said, don't worry about us. Just keep watch on that special girl. That doctor must be tired!

  9. just lost my post to you. Well, hang in there and get some rest. I'm so glad that everything is looking good.