Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 5 Re-Wrap Complete

Back from the hospital, Lisa did wonderfully on the trip, I wheeled her down to the neuro-surgery clinic, then she walked all the way back to the elevators, about 5 times the distance of our hotel walks.  The nurse said Lis is doing excellently, she was much more gentle about the compression wrap than the "cranial tug of war guys" as Lis calls them. I got straightened out on the activity philosophy, and I'm glad I listened to what many people said and didn't push the distance. The activity is more important than the distance, so as long as she is up and moving around every couple hours we're all good. So we are back to green across the board, running hot, straight, and normal. We meet with Dr. Al Meftie tomorrow at 1030 hours, and he will either give us clearance to be enroute home, or continue holding at Boston. I think Lis is doing exceptionally well, and doing a marvelous job of being cooperative with me. Oh and we stopped and got milkshakes on the way back. :)


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