Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It Starts tomorrow !

We leave at 5 am tomorrow so we can start the day of many tests tomorrow. I have a EKG, MRI, CT scan, metal test,a hearing test, pre-op clearence with blood tests and physical. A couple of orbital x-rays for who knows what. --Oh a UTI test too, lets not forget the one I'm most worried about !! If I don't pass the UTI test, surgery gets canceled and we start over again. I also can't eat at all that day till the evening which will sure save on money since I can't eat Thursday either because I have a angiogram and then a PICC line will get threaded into my veins at my heart. She did say I could eat that night as well and then Friday no eating again and surgery at 7am till 7 pm or later. I don't think the lady that just called really thought about what she was saying. First you'll have your angigram where after they shave it, they will thread a big catheter in your groin area into a vein . They'll get some great photos and then you come get your PICC line from me. I said Photos ????? Um sounds like fun ! lol What a fun week we will have !!


  1. Wow, you are going to be busy and hungry. So happy it is all about to happen but will be more happy for you when it is done and you are back home. Please keep us updated. I will be thinking about you. Stay strong, it is going to be tough but it will be worth in in the end.
    With Love, Carla

  2. Hey Lisa I just wanted to say that you have all my love and prayers.I'm glad you found someone like Kevin to be there for you and help you through this enormous ordeal.I love you and I'll talk to you soon.Love always your cousin,Kim

  3. All is well here - spent some time with your kitty and fed him tuna. He seemed to like that and then he went back outside. :) Thinking of you guys.