Friday, October 19, 2012

T minus 1 Hour and holding

Lis woke up this morning with some swelling in her knee on the side she had the angiogram, so when the surgeon came in, he ordered an ultrasound exam to be sure there are no blood clots in her leg. Lis slept a little bit last night, I'm not sure how much, she snuck into  the other bed because, she said, every time she moved I would ask her if she was all right. They opened an artery to do the angiogram yesterday, so naturally knowing just enough circulatory physiology to get me in trouble, I was perhaps a wee bit, on the far side, of hyper-concerned about it. So she is having her leg ultrasonically scanned on the other side of the curtain, and I'm posting this with arterial symphony for background music, it also sounds at times like sound effects for "The Outer Limits". Surgery will go on; however, if they find anything concerning, I think they said they would install a filter in the blood flow from her leg.
When we got to admitting and she changed into a gown and got in the bed, she had the total deer in the headlights look, almost lost it then but made a joke about the new antiseptic wash they use that is blue rather than the brown stuff we're used to. No more delays please.


  1. Thanks kev for the updates!! Ill be staring at my computer all day today to hear how things went!!

  2. Lostie friends are with her and you today.

  3. Everything is crossed for the best news we can hear.