Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally Some News !

Finally Some News ! Written Sep 1, 2012 4:41am by Lisa Whitten They had told me two weeks ago that the head of Neurosurgery had taken all my records to look over so he could figure out what needed to be done. So yesterday, I called the doctors office and asked to speak to him instead of my regular doctor. after a few minutes I busted out in tears hystericle about how this was just making me a mess with the not knowing what's going on and with my list of upcoming things for my sons school and other life events, how do I ever know what I can do and what I can't. She apologized and told me she'd have him call. And he did !! At almost 7 pm he called, they are putting together a team to deal with my tumor and he said a couple of times how difficult it was and they wanted to make sure they had all they needed to get it done. He assured me they did have other doctors that can do the surgery such as the doctor I started with. He said he will call next week with the info of when they have a plan. so it sounds like maybe in the next couple of weeks ? we shall see. thanks everyone for waiting with me- it's been so super stressful for me !

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