Saturday, October 20, 2012

T plus 6 Hours

0400 put my big boy pants on and went back in to see Lis, she was much improved but, still about as loopy as the rings of Saturn, she thought it was still Friday, was surprised to hear the surgery was over.  When I asked her if she was in any pain, she said "My head hurts." When I asked her how much she said, "A little." Well knowing Lis, I went for the numbers and she told me 8, I had the nurse there in two minutes. She responded directly to my questions though, made direct one eye contact with me, and I told her I'd be in the waiting room, and if she woke up to have the nurse call me.

The nurse told me she had a CAT scan, and that the doctors would be starting rounds in about an hour. So I went down stairs had a couple cups of French Roast, and a  chocolate chip brownie, and I'm good to go. I'm actually sitting now beside M'Lady's bed while posting this and she now looks like she is just sleeping normally.

So far there is only one sign of a problem, the fellow told me that they spent a lot of time working around the nerves that control her right eye, and although the optic nerve seems to still be functioning, and maybe even at pre=op levels, it doesn't move at all, well it wasn't about two hours ago. The doctors are about 2 patients away right now, so I'm going to wrap this one up.



  1. I am sure "talking" to us helps to give focus. We may not be with you, but we ARE there in strength, spirit, or however you wish to describe it. Lisa is one of the most remarkable women I have come to know in my time. She is incredibly resilient. Now, get some rest.

  2. Thank you, Kevin, for keeping us all up to date. You have no idea how hard it is to be waiting to hear how she is doing!! Well, you DO-- except you're there and can see her! Your updates are excellent, and I know all of us at Curly Horse Rescue appreciate them greatly, We're keeping the rest of the Curly world abreast of her progress! Love, Laurie