Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tufts says NO

Tufts says NO Written Sep 8, 2012 1:17pm by Lisa Whitten well, Tufts called me right away because it's now a rush to get it done since the wait is getting too long to be safe for my eye sight. So the woman talked to me really quick and then asked to quickly chat with the finance department because I have no insurance and they wanted to know my info. so Mrs. Rude (not her real name but I'm thinking she should get it changed) in the finance department gets on the phone and says we don't do that for out of staters. We need half up front and the rest right after surgery. I stammered that I couldn't have surgery then so she hung up on me. so now, I'm back to no surgery unless I come up with the cost - which ain't going to happen ! it's a 10 hour brain surgery which will be well over 1 hundred thousand I'm sure. My hospital is scrambling to figure out what to do so maybe they can figure it out but I'm not holding my breath right now. A friend had me set up a chip in account for medical expenses and it's here but I feel weird so no worries if you can't do anything. it's in the top right corner. http://glenshire-shop.blogspot.com/ If they do agree to the surgery, it's now further away. I really hope they do so I can keep some eye sight because it gets worse each day and it will be perment if it's not fixed soon. I hope to get more news this week. I hope !

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