Saturday, October 20, 2012

T plus 20 Hours

Well that was an exercise in futility, contortionism, and by conscious choice my somewhat warped sense of humor. I really don't know what I was thinking, Saturday afternoon, major city, and regional hospital, d-uh... the little ICU waiting room was packed. So I walked out to the little hallet that houses the bank of 6 elevators, and has a little 3 foot padded wooden bench, with a side table, below  the window. Laid down on the bench, crossed my legs onto the side table, hooked my thumb into a belt loop to keep my arm up, and actually fell asleep. I would occasionally, and vaguely hear bunches of people talking, and elevators dinging, but oddly, unlike the people on probably half the hallways on this floor, I never heard myself snoring, which in that position was guaranteed to be naturally loud, and amplified by the echo chamber made by the hall, given I woke up with my mouth hanging open and very dry, I can only imagine the cacophony. My watch indicated at least an hour had passed, I pressed the down button, and got pretty odd looks from the people on the elevator when the door opened and I was standing there by myself laughing out loud, only to have it redoubled by their looks to the point of what must have looked like borderline hysteria. I think I may have scared them a little. I did manage to apologize about halfway down, and mumble something about sleep deprivation. Went over to the "au bon pain" and got a chocolate chip brownie, and a large French roast, and I am good to go. I also think that the little nap was cathartic to the brain state change from hyper-stressed, to marked relief,  and yea a good portion of sleep dep thrown in on the side.
Well they just came in and woke up Lis, it's moving time.


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  1. LOL, be careful or they are going to lock you up. Lisa needs you. Try to eat something healthy also. You may crash and crash feeling really bad. May feel "good to go" now but it is going to get you. Wish I was closer I would come and feed you, lol.