Friday, October 19, 2012


Well Lis is off to OR, it is an incredibly hollow, scary feeling to watch the most precious thing in one's entire universe rolling away to such an event. After a few minutes a nurse came over, took me by the arm, and led me to the elevator to this waiting area. I will post if I hear anything.



  1. Great and Mighty God, Great in councel and mighty in deed, NOTHING is too difficult for thee! Please, please, please Lord, give Lisa a GREAT outcome. Help her & Kevin to see how much You love them. Let them feel Your Holy presense like they have never felt before. Let your peace surpass all understanding and please guard their hearts and minds. I love you Lord and I thank you for the friendship you have given me and Lisa born out of strange circumstances. I love her like crazy! :o)

  2. It is an incredibly sad thing to have to sit here and wait and worry and know what she has to go through. I am so scared for her and for myself, too. :(