Saturday, October 20, 2012

T plus 12 hours

Well the chief surgeon was just here, and it turns out my concerns for the left eye were founded, it is not a matter of just, when it starts working again but, if it will, and it will take months to determine. He said there was no way around irritating that nerve, but he assured me there was no actual damage to it, so the odds are in her favor. He said otherwise she is doing exceptionally well. He also tasked me with making her breath deep and cough every half hour. I know she'll understand, but it doesn't make it any easier to be a royal pain in the butt.



  1. You're doing a wonderful job-I'm sure she won't mind all that great oxygen! Well, I'm not sure, but it sounds like it will help clear her breathing. Good sign if she is with it enough to be annoyed. Thinking of you both today-


  2. I'm so happy to hear the surgery went well. i'm sure the recovery will go just as well. All her Lostie friends send their love and best wishes.

  3. Keep up the loving and strength Keven, you're doing great. I'm glad this is coming out so well for Lis, it looks like she's going to come though this just fine. Still praying for a healthy and complete recovery and more strenght for you. Love for you both. Crissy

  4. Nurse Kevin thank you so much for all these updates. So happy to hear Lisa is doing so well. You both have a long read ahead of you but I will be hoping for a shorter one. Hope today goes OK.

  5. Kev, couple of thoughts that might be encouraging. After Lisa has recovered, and she is aloud to touch her eye, she can begin to do little circular motions with her fingers around her eye, and pinching of the lid. this will help stimulate the muscle and her never's. If you know anyone who does cranial-sacral work that too will help reset her cerebral fluid flow. I can do this if I see her.
    Second, you must make her take deep breath so her lungs don't begin to fill with fluid.