Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 5 All's Well, Well Almost

I went shopping yesterday and found plenty of stuff I can manage here, especially as Lis said she can handle sandwiches on soft bread. The deli at the super Stop and Shop, across the road had plenty of tasty lunch meats, (chipolata chicken breast, YUM). I also found plenty of hearty soups and stews, in microwave containers, as well as bananas, strawberries, ice cream, and chocolate. Between these and search later today to see where I can get Frappes and Smoothies locally, I think we will be all set.
Lisa said to say "Hi Everyone!".  She is much clearer now when awake, the first couple days her memory was doing bizarre  things, okay well clearer but still pretty weird, she still does not track diurnal cycles very well, she just came back from the bathroom completely unaware we had spent another full night in the hotel.

Well we almost made it without a hitch, when I got Lis up for a walk last night, I noticed that her compression wrap had slipped. Immediately called the hospital and talked to the amazing Sarah, Dr. Al Meftie's nurse(more on her later). She said that we would have to come in this morning to have it rewraped, that is a bummer cause it hurts. What she said next nearly made me sick, "Kevin you have to push, pull, whatever, to get that back to its original position. What could I say but OK. I knew it was going to hurt, and it did, and I absolutely detested, loathed, hated it, but I gave Lis a full dose of codeine, waited 40 minutes, then did it. She was really very good about it, even though it took 4 or 5 separate manipulations.

So we're off to the hospital, and maybe we can get something more definite about our ETD for NH.



  1. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. You are an amazing guy!
    Give Lisa a " curly friend" hug from me.
    Take care, we keep you in our prayers until you both are home and well.

  2. When my elderly mom first started to say illogical things, it really threw me for awhile, so I knew it's hard to have someone you are so connected to seem to be disconnected. But good news in your case- it will just be temporary!

    You are doing such a great job! I hope you will have some help down the road- will insurance pay for any home care?

    Hugs to you both from the Lostie contingent-