Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Finally ! We have a date !

Finally ! We have a date ! Written Oct 3, 2012 4:09pm by Lisa Whitten My insurance came in this Monday and I made the call and had the first appointment today. Talk abut a slam bam thank you mame ! we took 3 hours to get to Boston and check in the hospital for meeting with the doctor. He said the tumor is making me go blind. I could leave it alone an go blind and then worry about the other troubles as well- crushed artery which can cause strokes, my face going numb, loss of taste, hearing and many other things or I can take door number two and have surgery. Its risky in that I could loose my vision that way, or it could just get worse from the surgery plus all the other things that can happen with surgery but more likely it will fix the eye sight or at least make it more stable. Surgery is set for Oct. 19th we have to be in Boston a couple more times before then to have more tests- a hearing test and then the stay Thursday for the cerebral angiogram the day before surgery. They will have us stay in hotels for a week or longer till they know I'm good to go home and then we can return. It will be very costly that's for sure ! but it's the best we have and great doctors as well. thanks everyone for all the support through this, I think it pushed us into the best doctor for the job !


  1. Lisa, I will be sending healing thoughts and prayers your way as you head into surgery very soon. I am glad you found a great doctor and will be in excellent hands!

    Hugs from Emily in Belize (from the Bachelor group)

  2. This was a good idea guys, have followed you over. Good thoughts to you all.

    Sue H. (in good ol NH)

  3. I can see so clearly God's hand in all of these cancellations delays and redirecting for this surgery of yours. I pray that you both will encounter His presence as you continue on this journey. I will be lifting you both up in prayer, and the surgical team as well.
    on another note, the donate button located under the MRI image is almost overlooked. I was a bit confused on which one to use, when the MRI images states medical expenses.

  4. Hi Gigi, Ok, I think I fixed it. I feel odd asking anyway but now it's more noticeable I think. thanks everyone !