Wednesday, October 17, 2012

T minus 35 Hours

Hello everyone from Brigham's and Women's Hospital, and the new voice of "Our Brain Tumor Jouney:, at least for a while, it is 1715 hours which makes it 13 hours since our wake up this morning. Lisa is currently in her pre-op physical and will probably be there another hour or so. After that she has two MRI's and then we're off to the hotel. We have an incredible offer to stay at a local studio apartment that is within a mile of the hospital, and I will probably do that the nights that Lis is  in the hospital but, when we went by there this morning we ended up having to park three blocks away, and although the apartment is absolutely an amazing study in efficiency and genius level interior decorating, Lis was so freaked about parking and the proximity to a bad part of town, that  there was no way we could stay there pre-op.

Tomorrow we have to be back at 0615 hours for an angiogram, They will access one of Lis' arteries in her leg and slide a catheter (oops Lis got out early, off to MRI) up to different locations at the base of her skull and pump in dye, and get a total map of her neural circulatory system. This is very good, shows the surgeon what vessels are feeding the tumor, what vessels may be taking over some of the load for her compressed carotid artery, and what vessels they can block if necessary. This will take about another 6-7 hours at the hospital but, then we get an 18 hour break before reporting to mission control the next morning.

Currently all systems are go, we are green across the board, she should enter OR at 0730 hours Friday morning, my only disappointment with BWH thus far is that I've been told that I should not expect any updates until she is  out of OR, I had expected at least Q2 hour sit reps, so sorry folks but I probably won't have much to say Friday. If I hear anything I will post; however, I just had a discussion with the surgeons nurse, and she told me he has staff scheduled until late Friday night specifically for our surgery. I will try to post when she is out, I may have some time before they let me into see her, but I'll warn you right now, it may be an incredibly short post.

We have nothing but high praise for Brigham's and Young's Hospital, everyone today has been incredibly kind, and you know, you can't stand in a hall here looking lost for more than 20 seconds, before someone stops and asks if they can help you find something. So yea it's been a pretty stressful day, Lis is pretty nauseous from all the moving around, and bright lights.

I also want to sincerely thank all of you who have expressed concern, and are thinking about my Lady in this time, it really means, well, more than I can say to both of us.



  1. I'm so glad they are kind and helpful at the hospital. Will send the strongest best wishes your way on Friday that I can.

  2. Thanks for updating us. My thoughts are with you and Lisa. Sending hugs and strength.

  3. Thank you for the update, Kevin. We are glad to hear any and all news. I am going to forward this to Mom in case she and Dad didn't see it. Thank you for being there by her side.

  4. Kev, my heart is with you as you go through this you, Sis

  5. Thanks Kevin for all the updates.I'm so glad you are there for my Lisa.She is very important to me.So please as soon as you hear anything let me know.I send all my love and prayers to the both of you.Try to get some rest.Love your cousin,Kim

  6. Kev and Lisa,

    Thanks for keeping us posted. You are both are in my prayers.