Tuesday, October 16, 2012

titanium testing fun !

titanium testing fun ! Written Jul 23, 2012 8:50pm by Lisa Whitten well, we couldn't find any test for titanium allergy that the hospital felt comfortable with so they have me doing some research here on my own. I'm wearing earrings for the first time in 15 years ? Titanium ear wires. they itched at first but they seem ok now. I was also sent some oval titanium disc's that they wanted me to put on my arm and then wrap up with a ace bandage to see if I get blisters and itching. Leave it on for a week she said and we shall see what my reaction is to them. Time is getting closer and closer to the date of surgery and I'm getting more and more worried. Kevin see's it and takes me out to distract me with some movie or shopping to fill the freezer. Batman made me nauseous ! but it was a great movie anyway.

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