Saturday, October 20, 2012

T plus 10 Hours

Well that was basically the Hospital's teaching rounds, but there is some new general information updates. The medical opinion continues to be that she is doing very well, they anticipate moving her out of ICU by sometime this afternoon. My worries about the right eye may be baseless, it seems this type of immobility is not uncommon when that nerve has been disturbed. It makes sense though that eyelid is not working either yet, she actually thinks that eye is covered. She was just awake again for a few minutes and has made the transition from down right loopy, to just groggy but completely lucid.

This post has ended up spanning a few hours, been a lot going on here with shift change, and IV removal, she has been awake for 5 minute stretches and although still very soft spoken, responds now in complete sentences, and demonstrates normal levels of recall.  Looking good.



  1. I'm sure glad things are going well. You two are good for each other. I hope you can get some rest soon. Say 'hey' to Lisa. You do write very well indeed.

  2. Fantastic!!!!Lisa I knew you could do it!!!Love you very much and thanks Kevin for all the good updates.Get some rest.

  3. Looking good, indeed. Love you Lisa!

  4. Well, Kevin, I'm sure glad you're there. And all the updates almost makes us feel like we're there too. As we should be. When she opens an eye or has a lucid moment, tell her her mom and dad are rooting for her, and are glad she's out of surgery. We are thinking of her every minute. I sent you a private message, Kevin, on regular e-mail. Get some sleep.